The Dentist Pension Plan

Meet The Dentist Pension Plan, a leading retirement plan provider that offers a defined benefit pension plan tailored to the needs of incorporated Canadian dentists. With personalized options and expert guidance, The Dentist Pension Plan ensures that your retirement is secure and worry-free.


Our team at the digital marketing agency was thrilled to work with The Dentist Pension Plan on their website revamp. We understood the client’s need to improve the website outlook and create a user-friendly experience. As part of our solution, we worked on arranging and optimizing the website’s text and visuals to make it more attractive and engaging for users.

One of the client’s specific requirements was to develop a pension plan calculator that would allow users to estimate their retirement plan. Our team developed a customized calculator that met the client’s requirements, complete with a visually appealing chart. The calculator has been integrated into the website to enhance the user experience.

To ensure that the website is easy to navigate and mobile responsive, we used the latest web development technologies. Additionally, we performed basic SEO work to improve the website’s visibility and ranking on search engines.

Overall, our solution for The Dentist Pension Plan was focused on creating an attractive, user-friendly website with a personalized pension plan calculator that meets the needs of incorporated Canadian dentists. The website is now optimized for mobile devices and has improved search engine rankings, ensuring that it is accessible to a wider audience.

Keith and team were absolutely amazing to work with. I'm way out of my comfort zone when it comes to web development. The Digital Chipmunks team made the process easy for me. I can't recommend them enough.

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