Yellow Shirt Relics

Sylvan Lake’s Top Destination for Collectibles. We’re your community hub for buying, selling, trading, and appreciating an expansive array of collectibles, from sports cards to gold. Whether a hobbyist or a connoisseur, experience our unique blend of auctions, fundraisers, expert appraisals, and premium supplies at Yellow Shirt Relics.


Our team at Digital Chipmunks built a unique online store for Yellow Shirt Relics, making it a breeze for people to explore and buy their wide range of collectibles. The website shines with a vibrant design that reflects the lively spirit of Yellow Shirt Relics, attracting more visitors and making their shopping experience enjoyable.

We also made sure the website works well on both computers and mobile phones, so people can shop easily no matter what device they use. The design is clean and easy to navigate, making it simple for everyone to find what they are looking for.

For the team at Yellow Shirt Relics, managing the website is now straightforward. The back end of the website is designed to be easy to figure out, making it simpler to manage everything from products to orders. Now, Yellow Shirt Relics has a hassle-free platform that looks great, works smoothly, and is easy to keep updated.


Yellow Shirt Relics

Newly Built Website